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Stanford in the News

Nov 14 2022 | protocol | Posted In: Press Coverage
CARS Director, Marco Pavone was part of this list of influential people in the mobility field which includes people in government, and business ranging from powerful statesmen to grassroots social media organizers.
Jan 20 2022 | OpenGov | Posted In: Press Coverage
A team of researchers including researchers from Marco Pavone's Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) propose tackling traffic jams and economic inequality by using AI to tweak congestion pricing on toll road. “Some people can reduce their travel time by paying additional tolls, while others are compensated...
Oct 17 2021 | Science Alert | Posted In: Press Coverage
Borrowing from autonomous vehicles technology, a team of researchers has built a self-navigating smart cane which in tests, increased walking speed for visually impaired volunteers by 18 percent.
Jun 30 2021 | MIT Technology Review | Posted In: Press Coverage
Dorsa Sadigh, assistant professor, computer science and electrical engineering is on MIT Technology Review's list of 2021 Visionaries looking to the future of robotics, quantum computing, energy policy and other new technologies.
Dec 20 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: Press Coverage
The team from Chris Gerdes’ Dynamic Design Lab are training MARTY, an all-electric, autonomous DeLorean, to use all the friction between the tire and the road to get the vehicle out of harm’s way to handle emergency maneuvers or slippery road surfaces. The MARTYkhana video shows the autonomous...