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Stanford in the News

Dec 20 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: Press Coverage
The team from Chris Gerdes’ Dynamic Design Lab are training MARTY, an all-electric, autonomous DeLorean, to use all the friction between the tire and the road to get the vehicle out of harm’s way to handle emergency maneuvers or slippery road surfaces. The MARTYkhana video shows the autonomous...
May 8 2019 | | Posted In: Press Coverage
Chris Gerdes, one of the researchers featured in this PBS episode working on the next generation of self-driving automobiles, discusses some of the technological advancements of the car tracking the 9,000-year history of the automobile from origins in dog-sleds to the Model T.
Nov 13 2018 | Stanford Energy | Posted In: Press Coverage
Stanford freshman Dhruvik Parikh (undergraduate ’22) is among the five from Stanford University recognized in Forbes' 2019 "30 Under 30" list.
Jan 9 2018 | Marketplace | Posted In: Press Coverage
Chris Gerdes, Director, Center for Automotive Research at Stanford and professor, mechanical engineering, in a discussion with Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood.
Oct 25 2017 | MIT Technology Review | Posted In: Press Coverage
Fei Fei Li, director of Stanford AI Lab and chief scientist of Google Cloud, spoke with MIT Technology Review about emphasizing the human side of AI and the importance when developing technology this pervasive to carry the values of the entire humanity. Link.