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Dec 5 2023 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research
Marco Pavone's Autonomous Systems Lab designs decision-making algorithms to enable space robots or self-driving cars to maneuver in unpredictable - or completely alien- environments. ASL also uses AI to redistribute traffic toll money from drivers who can afford tolls to those who can't
Sep 20 2023 | Stanford Engineering | Posted In: Research
Photonics research has been ongoing at Stanford since the 1960's. The university was also at the center of several initial developments in laser technology and has continued to develop the field. Read about other photonics research from using light's quantum nature in computing, to lower energy...
A new SIEPR Policy Brief explains and evaluates how the Clean Vehicle Tax Credit in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) works and evaluates it from an industrial policy perspective.
May 31 2023 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Education
The Stanford Ecopreneurship progam creates new opportunities for sustainability entrepreneurs through hands-on project-based learning, mentorship, coaching and grants for students.
Apr 21 2023 | Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability | Posted In: Research
“I’m excited for the opportunity to lead the Sustainability Accelerator and grow it into an organization that generates solutions at speed and scale,” Cui said. “This accelerator provides a novel opportunity to leverage Stanford’s extraordinary sustainability scholarship and work with partners...