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Jul 28 2022 | Doerr School of Sustainability | Posted In: Research
The Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability’s Sustainability Accelerator has funded its first cohort of 30 teams with solutions generated through collaborations through partners locally and globally. One of the three large-scale projects funded is a project led by Ram Rajagopal, Marco Pavone,...
Jul 1 2022 | Stanford Magazine | Posted In: Research
The Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability is designed to catalyze solutions to our most urgent environmental challenges. In addition to traditional academic departments, it includes expanded interdisciplinary research collaborations and a "sustainability accelerator" to drive policy and...
May 4 2022 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research
Stanford's new dean of the Doerr School of Sustainability is Arun Majumdar, seen here at left. Majumdar is the Jay Precourt Professor, faculty in mechanical engineering, senior fellow and former co-director of the Precourt Institute for Energy and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. In...
Apr 21 2022 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research
By bringing the benefits of mechanical systems into the extremely small scales of the quantum realm, Stanford researchers have demonstrated new capabilities by coupling tiny nanomechanical oscillators with a type of circuit that can store and process energy in the form of a qubit.
Apr 13 2022 | Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence | Posted In: Education
The new book by Mykel Kochenderfer, associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics and colleagues, Tim A. Wheeler and Kyle H. Wray, recommends various approaches for designers solving different kinds of problems.