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Dec 5 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: Press Coverage
Stanford celebrated the opening of the Stanford Generating Station in Kern County, CA in December which will provide more than 50 percent of  electricity for the campus. The 67-megawatt plant contains about 19.9 million solar cells and covers approximately 200 acres.
Jul 18 2016 | The Stanford Daily | Posted In: Press Coverage
Joshua Browder ’19, a Stanford CS student coded a chatbot named DoNotPay, which he calls the world’s first robot lawyer. DoNoPay offers free legal aid by asking questions and then providing the relevant documents for users to mail. Already, DoNotPay has overturned 160,000 parking tickets and...
Jun 22 2016 | USA Today | Posted In: Press Coverage
JR Hildebrand, Verizon IndyCar Series driver, is also an adjunct lecturer with Stanford’s vehicle dynamics lab, working with students doing their on-track work at Thunderhill Raceway Park. Hildebrand helps them decipher and communicate what the car is doing. According to JR, “In some ways, (these...
Jan 20 2016 | Finanical Times | Posted In: Press Coverage
While fully automated vehicles are some years away, many other machines, notes Wendy Ju, Executive Director, Center for Design Research, have been following commands and monitoring the world around them for some time now. Roboticists say that better design and changing social norms could help in...
Jan 15 2016 | WIRED | Posted In: Press Coverage
Former CARS Fellow Bryant Walker Smith, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina School of Law, who studies automated vehicle regulation comments on the announcement by DOT to draft comprehensive rules governing how autonomous cars should be tested and regulated.