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Stanford in the News

Oct 8 2017 | San Francisco Chronicle | Posted In: Press Coverage
It will be crucial for autonomous vehicles to communicate their intent and to be able to understand the intention of other drivers, pedestrians and bikers in order to gain trust to be accepted by society. Researchers from the Center for Design Research, Nissan, Intel,, Waymo and Ford...
Sep 11 2017 | Posted In: Press Coverage
A new Stanford television commercial that will air nationally during sporting events features the Dynamic Design Lab team members as an example of team-based research conducted on campus by faculty, students and staff. See the video here.
Aug 11 2017 | San Jose Mercury News | Posted In: Press Coverage
A project called Big Glass Microphone, is looking at what a 3-mile stretch of  underground fiber optic cables can detect. Originally installed for seismic research, the project is now looking at the "noise", the extra signals the cables pick up, and think they will eventually be able to tell the...
Jul 28 2017 | Palo Alto Weekly | Posted In: Press Coverage
With the shift in focus from physical development of vehicles to development of technology that guides how they operate, Silicon Valley is the hotbed of innovation and is the "new" Motor City.
Jun 19 2017 | Wired | Posted In: Press Coverage
An MIT research group is working on "parallel autonomy" where a human still drives and the vehicle takes over when the human is about to mess up. Stanford's Wendy Ju talks about the feasibility of this approach.