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Stanford in the News

Sep 26 2015 | New York Times | Posted In: Press Coverage
With new high-end cars now running 100 million lines of code, Professor Chris Gerdes says today’s cars “are reaching biological levels of complexity.” Questions arise as to how to regulate and secure these hybrids of digital and mechanical engineering with many calling for automakers to open their...
Jun 29 2015 | Stanford News | Posted In: Press Coverage
A team of Stanford researchers including undergraduates: Zach Chase and Richard Lui; PhD candidates: Avinash Balachandran and Joe Funke and Prof Chris Gerdes devised a flexible, low-cost, easy to use inflatable "popup" obstacle for real-world collision avoidance testing scenarios. This "popup"...
May 18 2015 | Stanford Connect | Posted In: Press Coverage
Chris Gerdes' at Stanford+Connects in Sacramento on May 9, 2015 discussed how using the racetrack as classroom teaches students to push the limits, use creativity, calm and teamwork to develop new ways to build the cars, algorithms and technology for a safer future.
May 12 2015 | Posted In: Press Coverage
Accidents involving self-driving cars have been in the news lately.  Here former CARS Fellow, Bryant Walker Smith, law and engineering professor at University of South Carolina cautions that we shouldn't draw conclusions about automated vehicles based on the recent reports.
Nov 6 2013 | Posted In: Press Coverage
PBS is featuring Chris Gerdes' work on vehicle automation and controls at the limits. David Pogue, the host of "Making Stuff Safer", explores the cutting-edge research of scientists and engineers who want to keep people out of harm’s way. In the latest episode, which will first air on Nov 6 and be...