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Stanford researchers will use the Korean 'smart city' of Songdo as a living laboratory

Stanford researchers will develop futuristic, urban technologies at a new research center in Songdo, a “smart city” in Korea. (Image credit: Stocksy/Alessandra Desole)

Jun 3 2021

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Stanford established the Stanford Center at the Incheon Global Campus, a research center in the "smart city" of Sondo in the South Korean city of Incheon. “This center provides us with access to real-time smart city data, and unique infrastructure to test new technologies and ideas,” Michael Lepech, faculty director of the center said. “Essentially, it’s a city-scale lab for those of us who are interested in studying these topics.” The new center will reach across the university to study topics around urban sustainability, development of clean and reliable energy sources, how to make cities easier to traverse and more resilient to natural and man-made hazards.