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Jan 30 2023 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research
In the race for fast-charging, energy-dense lithium metal batteries, researchers discovered why the promising solid electrolyte version has not performed as hoped. This could help new designs – and eventually battery production – avoid the problem.
Jan 30 2023 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research
Artificial intelligence provides new evidence our planet will cross the global warming threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius within 10 to 15 years. Even with low emissions, we could see 2 C of warming. But a future with less warming remains within reach.
Nov 17 2022 | Stanford Engineering | Posted In: Research
Researchers at Stanford have developed a new material for printing at the nanoscale and used it to print minuscule lattices that are both strong and light. The new material is able to absorb twice as much energy than other 3D-printed materials of a comparable density and could be used to create...
Nov 1 2022 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Research
In a fireside chat which was part of the Stanford Energy Innovation Day, Arun Majumdar, dean of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and Yi Cui, director of the Precourt Institute for Energy discussed how innovating for energy differs from innovating for information technology.
Sep 22 2022 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research
Stanford researchers recommend alternatives to nighttime EV charging, previously believed to be the best time for accessing low demand and low cost electricity. The researchers say drivers should move to daytime charging which could cut costs and help the grid.