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May 20 2018 | Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences | Posted In: Research
Through a generous gift from a donor-advised fund of VMware, Stanford has launched the VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab. The lab will conduct long-term, evidence-based studies which can be applied to women's advancement in the workplace.
May 2 2018 | Stanford News | Posted In: Research
KENNETH GOODSON , the Davies Family Provostial Professor and the Robert Bosch Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, has received the inaugural Richard Chu ITherm Award for his contributions to thermal management of semiconductor circuits, systems and devices.
Mar 20 2018 | Stanford Engineering | Posted In: Research
CARS Co-directors are featured in Stanford Magazine's look at the future of autonomous cars, the many benefits to AVs, overcoming the "last 10 percent", and how humans will navigate some of the new mobility models. 
Mar 20 2018 | Stanford Engineering
The video game Gran Turismo has blurred the line between the real world of autos and motor sports. Kazunori Yamauchi, CEO, Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo's parent company, spoke at a recent CARS Open Garage Talk on the ways he continues to push the divide between reality and virtual reality.
Mar 14 2018 | Stanford Engineering | Posted In: Education
Stanford hosted the three-day Rising Stars program founded five years ago by MIT. Rising Stars brings together female engineers to encourage academic careers, navigate the job market and rise to exceptional academic careers.