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  • Lecture/lab. Small- and medium- scale design projects carried to a high degree of aesthetic refinement. Emphasis is on form development, design process, and model making.

  • This is a directed-reading course taught for the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip going to Portland, OR. Portland is known as a well-planned city with efficient transportation. Although the car is still the primary mode of transport, Portland boasts more alternative forms of transportation than most urban centers in the United States and relies on a sophisticated public transportation...

  • : Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries with William Chueh

    High energy density and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries are key toward the next-generation electric vehicles. The main challenges facing materials engineer today are the long development time for components such as positive and negative electrodes, and the rare events that lead to degradations. In this talk, William Chueh, Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering will present...